Myths about Cloud Hosting

Are you in this situation: everyone you come across is praising cloud hosting. When you read online and printed content, all are talking about the benefits of this hosting type. You decide to seek advice from tech experts. Their advice motivates you to join the rest of the online Canaan of cloud hosting. However, before making your final decision, you come across some information that is discouraging you from taking that direction.

Now, you are wondering whether to move to the cloud or continue running your site on the current server. To help you make better decisions, here are some of the myths that you might have heard about cloud hosting:

a)    Moving your site to cloud is exposing it to online hackers

A major myth that is evangelized by those against cloud hosting is about the insecurity of your data. This group of people will tell you not to move to the cloud if you want to avoid losing your data. However, this is untrue. Notably, the cloud option enhances your data security as your information is not stored on a single server.

Hence, even if cyber criminals attack one server, your data will remain intact. Also, no natural disaster can lead to loss or destruction of your data. This can happen on regular hosting in case such a thing occurs in your server locations. Hence, cloud hosting offers the best data security than the counterpart hosting options.

a)    No downtime

You may have heard some hosting service marketers claiming that going for cloud host provides your site with zero downtime. Subscribing to this option will offer you 100% uptime. Such information is unrealistic and misleading. Even the best companies do not promise a 100% guarantee. Like any other services, the system may fail. Hence, there is no way you can maintain a 100% uptime even with cloud hosting option.

Cloud hosting is complex and complicated

When trying your leg on the cloud computing, you will be cautioned about the complicity of this option. The all-knowing gurus will tell you to avoid it as it is complicated and you cannot easily understand the system. While there might be some truth in this information, it is not entirely true that cloud hosting is complicated. The fact is that the system developers do it with the customer in mind. Thus, they design it in a way it meets the customer needs simplicity being one of them.

All in all, moving to the cloud hosting is a good idea. Thus, none of the above myths should hamper your goal to subscribe to the cloud computing world.


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